Available Credits / Discounts:

Discounts MAY be offered for the following:

Years in Business Credit (5+ years)

Regular Route Credit (<25 miles one way)

Credit for Vehicles used less than 20 or 10 hours in a 40 hour work week

Association Discount
Package Discount
Affiliation Discount
GM/GMAC Connection Discount
Tradesman Discount
Preferred Business Discount
Farming/Ranching Discount
Paid In Full Discount

Plus More

Call our office for additional details

Send Complete submissions toCSR@RichterRobb.com

How to Submit: Commercial Auto


  • Please see forms page for any Supplementals needed
  • Please Call Richter Robb for Acord forms or if you have any questions regarding what supplemental is needed.

Target Classes

Carpenters & Cabinet Makers
Carpet/Floor Installation
Concrete Paving
General Contractors
Landscaping Gardening 
Ice Cream Trucks
Pallet Manufacturer

Tile and Stone
Sales Representatives & Consultants
Auto Parts & Accessories
Machine/Equipment Repair
Component Parts
Courier/Delivery Services

And Many More!

Commercial Auto

Completed Acord 125
Completed Acord 127

Completed Acord 137

Current MVRs for all Owners and Employees
3-5 years of currently valued loss runs (if applicable)
Appropriate Supplemental (if applicable)